Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Maternity Leave

November 11 - Today I am thankful for my upcoming maternity leave.  While I tend to fight my leave and login as soon as I get home from the hospital just to make sure I haven't missed anything, apparently in this country I am very fortunate to have a company that not just allows for me to take it but actually demands it.  I am required to take a minimum of 6 weeks and can extend that to 12 weeks paid if I so choose or even up to a year if I only want 75% of my pay.  Here is a recent statistic that I read this morning in the news, it was kind of shocking.

"Even if you're lucky enough to be gainfully employed in the U.S., there is indeed only an 11% chance you have access to paid family leave. And as many as 40% of workers don't even qualify for unpaid leave."

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