Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve Resolution

Every year I try really hard to come up with a thoughtful and useful New Year's Eve Resolution.  Aside from the normal lose 100 pounds, drink less (ok so I have never actually said that one) but you get the drift.  So this year when I was talking to Laura and Carole about eating and specifically about eating better it hit me that perhaps I could make that my New Year's Eve Resolution.  While us girls were talking about eating we happened to be referencing a book called The Kind Diet, in our house we already try and eat non processed organic foods so when I was reading further into the book I decided it would be a great fit for something to try.  Here's the kicker, it's a vegan - sugar free diet.  If anyone reading this wants a good laugh Google Vegan Recipes real quick, the bacon looks like an emery board.  Starting yesterday I am a sugar free vegan (whining) poser for 30 days.  I thought that 30 days was enough to give it a fair shot and see how I feel and then decide where to go after that, maybe I will love the way I feel and stick with it...maybe I will like the vegetarian side (which seems less like something out of a Nazi prison camp) or just maybe I will go back to eating steak day 31.  Who knows until you try right?  I have been trying really hard to find a partner in crime to do this with and whenever I mention vegan they instantly all say no.  With that being said I will probably just use my blog to vent or celebrate as this experience unfolds, I will as always attempt to stay upbeat but I also want to be brutally honest so just in case I feel awesome at the end and shout from the roof tops I can relate to others that want to try it.

Day 1 of my "experience" was yesterday, the boys were supposed to go snowboarding so I could eat my veggies by myself all day and drink my rationed amount of coffee that I am completely addicted to with almond creamer in it...yeppers tastes about like it sounds...death.  But no instead they all wussed out and decided that a high of 10 degrees wouldn't be the best snowboarding weather and sat around all day asking what I could and couldn't eat and then making fun of my answers.  It was like playing a board game with a ton of laughter.  When lunch time rolled around we decided to go ever tried to eat vegan at a bowling alley?...I had a Greek salad minus the feta cheese and chicken, essentially I had lettuce, tomatoes and vinaigrette.  Although I am positive the dressing had sugar in it which is why I only used a little so I didn't feel as bad.  That evening when Adam volunteered to smoke chicken halves in a peach glaze he was kind enough to pick me up a portabella mushroom that I stuffed with zucinni and onions.  And I made a Qiunoa and veggie salad with homemade vinaigrette (this I know did not have any sugar in it).  The boys all ate my salad and even made comments like this is good and everything, although I have got to hand it to you that Qiunoa is some pretty crazy stuff had the leftover "fish eye" salad for lunch and am still picking it out of my teeth.  I watched as everyone around me sucked down the beers and I did indulge in one pint but other than that just sat around hungry with a which I can't tell is from the diet shift or being sick.

Day 2 the oddest thing I am noticing is that my stomach is distended like an Ethiopian starving child sponsored by UNICEF.  I don't believe I am actually starving so instead I am choosing to believe that the leftover meat still in my system is fighting with the newly introduced veggie track and causing a serious ruckus in my guts.  Hopefully broccoli will prevail and that pork chop won't crawl back out of my throat but who knows.  I stay optimistic.

Oh yeah and here's some pictures of the girls bowling for the first time with Daddy...boy do we miss him today.


Laurasuz said...

You are going to feel AMAZING once you go through detox. After were done receiving meals we're all going vegan (plus eggs from mom) so we'll be there with you! Did you actually get The Kind Diet?

Anne said...

I can't wait to hear all about it!! We are not at all vegan, but we do enjoy a lot vegan meals so if you find any great recipes/meal ideas pass 'em on!! I'm definitely hoping to resume sugar free soon...