Friday, January 18, 2013

I totally cheated!

I totally cheated but for what I believe is an absolutely fantastic reason!  We went out to Carabba's last night for dinner to celebrate our 7 year anniversary!  Holy cow!  So I splurged and had steak and chicken. :-)

Can I just give a shout out to people that are looking to buy a house?!?!  We have started house hunting to see if we can find that "perfect" home, I have to put that in quotes because there are no perfect homes which I also have to keep reminding myself.  Today we had 8 houses to walk through all the while my Mom laughed at us dragging two toddlers in and out of people's homes...we look insane yelling at the kids to not touch anything and take off their shoes.  Actually currently I must admit I feel a little insane.  Our homes today varied by over $200,000 so as you can imagine there is quite a difference from bottom to top and it just makes everything harder. I need a drink.

Look at this amazing bunch of flowers Joe brought for our anniversary...he even put it together himself. :-D

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Laurasuz said...

I cant believe how close the wedding is! Happy Anniversary!!