Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holy Crap

So I was just looking at my pay schedule and matching that with what bills need to be paid this pay day verses next pay know the ever present rob Peter to pay Paul dance we do every month.  And when I clicked on the pay check date after this next one, it pulled up effin' 2013!  Can you believe that it is almost (by one pay check) the year 2013!!!!!  Holy Crap.

We hosted our Friends Thanksgiving/Toy Drive for the Safe House on Sunday and I am very happy to announce that we took in a record number of toys this year.  The haul is truly amazing to look at and I am driving it down to the Safe House this afternoon to greet what I am sure will be some very happy case workers.   This year we made a turkey, ham and a 10 pound prime rib and STILL ran out of meat.  Not sure if that's because we have the meat eating-est people you've ever met as friends or if because without a doubt dinner is always served at least an hour matter how much I try it always falls behind.  Although I realized this year that at least when the main course is late everyone eats all of the appetizers. :-)

Joe wanted to have a nice low key birthday (probably because we had hosted the party the day before) so we just hung out at home and he got to experience why I cook so much.  At about 5ish when Joe was uncontrollably yawning since it was dark out and the girls need either direction or discipline, I looked at him and laughed and said why do you think we do a craft and I cook elaborate dinners every's either that or we all fight and fall asleep. 

Tadd just bought this awesome house that is much bigger than ours AND it was very cold on Sunday so everyone was locked inside all party long...that being said all both Joe and I could think about was the fact that we have outgrown this house.  I am hoping that feeling subsides because we both like our relatively small house payment but we will have to see if it does.

A picture of the toys we brought in, this is just the first row the whole underneath of the tree is covered in gifts.

Joe helping the girls build a gingerbread house on his birthday...I am sure the 21 year old Joe would be very proud of the 33 year old Joe's ability to "really let loose". LOL

When we bought the boat we had them order the wake board tower that we wanted and they just got done with the installation, here's our first glimpse at the beast that is going to rip our arms off next summer.

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Anne said...

I'm a little slow to comment, but time flying by has been very apparent to me too as I start to plan for things in the New Year or think "last time I get the oil changed before Emma arrives", "last water bill before Emma arrives" etc. Time has always blown my mind. It's crazy!!!