Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend and stuff...

Some fun things that I have noticed since starting this diet.  First off it took me just over 3 hours to get groceries since I still have to read the labels on EVERYTHING and sadly as it turns out most things I read would have sugar, eggs or milk in them.  So my cart wasn't full and you heard a lot of sighs but it was nice to get some additional items that I could eat.  All natural peanut butter is nasty...sorry had to say it.  After I stirred for what felt like an hour I stuck a spoon full of oil and dry chunks of flavorless peanut paste into my mouth and if I hadn't have been starving I would have spit it out.  Ummm wow, a far cry from the Jiffy that I am used to.  Which actually scares me even worse...what the hell have I been eating for so many years.  I was super excited to make vegan buffalo wings for the football game on Saturday night but after spending all the time breading the cauliflower and baking it I would have just preferred the raw veggies dipped in hot sauce, Joe was a good sport and tried a couple...but wasn't a fan, now keep in mind the breading had to be whole grain with hemp milk and canola egg-free mayonnaise, it was an odd form of wall paper paste and got even weirder when I baked it.  I am super proud to say that the only kind of cheating that I have done is having a couple of beers for the last week which is a lot different than the normal 45 beers I would be in, and it's not really cheating since they are vegan but frowned on by the book.  But like yesterday snowboarding all day all I had was the drink in the morning, one at lunch and one before we left. 

Secondly I find it interesting that when anyone hears that I am trying this vegan thing out they always that sounds so hard...but then follow it up with, OMG I would love to try it.  Which of course I answer back, well it is hard but if you wanted to try it I can't think of a better time than right now.

And last but not least while up snowboarding yesterday we were stopped for our lunch break and Helen is trying out the Paleo diet so she was custom ordering a sandwich without the bun, dairy products or sugar anything and I was desperately trying to find something on the menu vegan and sugar free when I settled on some of the fries that Helen couldn't eat from her plate.  All of the sudden the rest of the group got up and went outside to smoke except for Helen and I and now Dave.  We both looked at him and realized that he is trying to quit dawned on me in that second that Helen and I have it easy, we had to try harder to make food work with us but both still got to eat and hang out mean while Dave had to watch everyone do exactly what he wanted to be doing but couldn't.  It definitely changed my perspective.


Laurasuz said...

Have you tried any of the soups yet? My first ever vegan dish was the sweet potatoes & lentils, it would be great for the cold winter days!

Anne said...

Another great vegan soup:

It makes a ton, but it's so easy to make and taste simple but delicious. I love it even more with some brown rice mixed in.