Thursday, January 3, 2013


Ok so I was typing out answers to Laura's and Anne's comments to the last post when I realized I was near a page deep so I just decided to write out a whole post instead.  I did actually buy The Kind Diet book when we got back to Colorado and am about half way through reading it.  The unfortunate part about this book if you haven't read it is that it makes entirely too much sense.  I was hoping that it would be something that I would only kind of respect or admire but then quickly go back to my old ways but in reading it I am sure that when my 30 days is up that I will feel infinitely guilty if I decide to just eat "normal".  The other thing that I am noticing is that vegetarian recipes look spectacular and vegan ones don't, I am hoping to spin up my own cooking creativity to make some good meals that the whole family will enjoy.  I think the part about the vegan recipes that I don't like is that they are trying to be something they are not, I don't like eating fake food so when I look at something that is pressed into a chicken breast looking shape it kind of freaks me out.  So I am leaning more towards just the fruits and veggie side currently and am not eating any processed grains to start with while I go through the detox phase, I am thinking I will probably add in whole grain tortillas, breads and potatoes eventually. 

Like last night I made a chicken dish with spicy Chinese sauce and vegetables, so I cooked up the chicken threw it in the oven to stay warm and sauteed carrots, onions, broccoli, edamame, pineapple, tomato and garlic in peanut oil. De-glazed the pan when I was done with a mixtures of white vinegar and Chinese mustard added in some crushed red pepper paste and soy sauce with a touch of agave.  I threw my veggies over some whole brown rice and the girls and Joe added their little chicken nuggets to theirs and we all got to eat about the same food.  I am super impressed how easily Joe will eat new things that I make like edamame beans especially if I make them spicy and the girls are just amazing they eat anything and with a smile on their face.

Day 3 is making me really miss hot food, there is a ton of food that is vegan that is just cold...veggies and fruits and such so I find myself missing warm food.  Which I am sure is not the actually heat of the food that I am missing but rather the string of the melted cheese and the sizzle of the steak.  Well and also I am still battling this cold which makes me wish for comfort food.  My stomach is still really puffy and bloated but hopefully the edamame beans are kicking some ass in there.

On a side note number one, I will try and take some pictures the next time I make something that looks appealing so I can post pictures.

And on a side note number two look what Mom finally let the girls open this morning and lace up.  Thank you Aunt Anne, the girls LOVE them.


Anne said...

Yay, fun!

I have found trying to make food for three different types of diets it usually is relatively easy to make smaller dishes of each. Charles' dish usually has the least (no cheese, etc.), then the rest of ours with cheese or sometimes if I'm using meat I leave that out for Peter.

I still follow recipe I just add the ingredients in my own way!!

Anne said...

Oh and also - I know what you mean about having that new knowledge! It made it much easier for me to go sugar-free and cut way back on the meat once I skimmed that book and read others. Then morning sickness kind of causes one to not care about anything except feeling better so it wasn't hard for me to eat "normal" but I'm definitely beginning again to think more about what we're eating.