Friday, May 27, 2011

41 Weeks

Well at this rate I will just end up giving birth to a toddler and sending her off to school. We are now a week overdue and just playing the waiting game, making absolutely no plans and always making sure that I am picking up my cell phone when it rings so people don't think that I am in labor laying somewhere in a corner of my house. I still feel good, fat, but good. Although last night I went to Joe's softball games and heard a lot of "God now I even feel bad for you and I'm a guy" comments, so apparently I am already starting to get the post-pardum look of death on me. :-)

If I push it too hard during the day I can start to feel some contractions come on that are pretty good ones but other than that just the normal ones. Although thanks to the amnesia that ensures that our planet stays populated I can't seem to remember what labor feels like. I remember whimpering, which I don't do much so it must have been bad but I couldn't describe now if I tried. She is sitting really low which is causing that gimp hip joint of mine to lock in and out of place, so when I stand up and sit down it has to adjust and is doing so at a much slower pace. Again I don't remember when that feeling goes away after delivery, maybe it was right away, that's what I am hoping for. On the bright side with her being so low the horrible heartburn is gone, I don't feel like I am going to breathe acid on anyone anymore...which is always a good thing.

41 Weeks and in honor of the brave women everywhere, one belly shot of the roadmap of stretch marks too. You'll notice little Austin's head in the first shot asking "Mama, what ya dune-nin?"



Anne said...

Yay!!! I've been wondering and you're on my mind all the time. How well I remember the waiting game! Soon, soon, soon!!!!!

LauraSuz said...

Isn't it funny that we forget? What a great thing that is. Been thinking of you pretty much all day long. Thanks for the post a pics - preggo bellies are the best.