Thursday, May 19, 2011

If a butterfly flaps it's wings...

Remember the mom from my last blog that indicated that if I had started with a boy we wouldn't be having a second child. Well she is currently fighting for her life after being shot 5 times by her boyfriend just before he then turned his gun on that sweet little bendable boy and himself. This all happened just two hours after Little Gym on Monday and has rocked our little family to the core. Unfortunately with working at the Safe House here in town I generally know every women killed from domestic violence, for the most part I have even worked with them so it never gets any easier. But this is my first child killed in a domestic dispute. For the first time ever I am thankful that Austin is so young and I won't have to explain where Gavin is on Monday at Little Gym, pure evil is hard to describe to a 2 year old. The news is painting the parents relationship as this rocky and tumultuous one where something this horrible was just bound to happen. I can assure you that I spent the hour at Little Gym with them and thought nothing of problems between them or any signs of potential violence.

While we weren't close friends with either Gavin or his Mom we saw them every week and discussed parenting 2 year olds and laughed about the chaos that ensues and that little boy will be surely missed. Again, if a butterfly flaps it's wings...where can the effects be felt? As a mom of a child the same age I can't help but think about what will happen if she beats the odds and makes it, will it kill her inside to know that her little boy is gone. I wish I could be there when she wakes up if only to hug her...there aren't words for this type of situation but sometimes the energy that you pass along is enough.

On the home front Austin has gotten extra hugs and just enjoyed M&M's for breakfast. Some how the phrase don't sweat the small stuff just doesn't even come close to describing a situation like this.

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Anne said...

Oh my goodness. What a horrible, awful story. Sounds like a Chicago news story.