Tuesday, May 10, 2011

King Sized Bed

There is only one bad part about a king sized bed...the bedding. Both the cost and having to make that monstrosity are just absolutely horrible. I just spent the last 20 minutes wrestling with sheets and the 6 pillows it takes to make the bed look complete not to mention the fact that the last set of sheets I bought were from Target and still cost over a hundred bucks, I can't even window shop at Bed Bath & Beyond. Which brings me to another point, I thought everything at Target was under a hundred dollars as some kind of rule? I could have sworn that I saw an entire patio set for less than those sheets.

Black star for Mom of the year award today goes to hearing Mommy, Mommy and turning around to find Austin with her head in a gallon sized zip lock baggie running around my office. Of course I did what anyone would do at this point and got mad at her because clearly I had no blame in this matter. ;-)

Speaking of Austin her newest nickname is "stinky feet", which she absolutely has earned. Her feet actually stink so bad after she plays around outside that I wash them before I will let her on the couch. I am hoping that this new "stinky poo-poo" feet smell (as Austin calls it) is just due to the new shoes I have her in and not something that she will be mortified from on first dates.

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