Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A big sigh of relief...

We had an appointment with a doctor yesterday to see about giving birth naturally to a breech baby. He walked us through some of the scarier scenarios while I gritted my teeth, but all the while he was very nice and made me feel better about the upcoming decisions. Then to check the baby's position we went and had an ultrasound only to find out that she had flipped and was head down. :-) It must have happened the day before which I think I could feel. I was walking to the door to let the dogs in and had this sharp sudden pain in my lower abdomen, looking back at the feeling it was probably her head finally resting on the lower section of my stomach. I was so happy in the ultrasound room that I almost started to cry, which I mentioned to Joe and he reminded me that I cry for everything else I might as well cry when I'm happy too. ;-) I won't be sad to see the additional hormones go, they definitely make me more of a "crier" which I don't need any help with.

So now we start the hurry up and wait part - which I am extremely excited about. I am even super excited about the pain, and puking on myself and everything else that went along with it. Although I must say in the day and age when we can put a man on the moon it still baffles me that we can't narrow down a delivery date past a 5 week window. Being in the 38th week we are looking at sometime between this afternoon and next month...comforting to say the least. :-)

We picked up a new couch on Sunday, we had recliners in the living room which were great but didn't allow for much seating and it's tough to saw Austin in half so she can sit on both our laps. Austin has since turned the living room into her own jungle gym, which I can't blame her because I would have done the exact same thing when I was young.

This was our living room last night while I was busy cooking dinner. :-D


Anne said...

Awesome!!! Both about the properly positioned baby and the new couch!!
There's nothing like tearing the cushions off a couch for fun - much less a brand new couch. I can't wait for her to have a sister to help with the mess!!!! Thinking about you all the time.

LauraSuz said...

Yay!! I'm so glad she's flipped. What a good little girl already! She MUST take after her aunt.

Man, in terms of hormones I seem to be much more hormonal when I'm nursing vs. when I'm pregnant. It's all relatively the same long of time though so oh well.

I like that there are still some things science can't touch - like when a baby is to be born. Other things, I say, hurry up and cure!

thiswildlife said...

Hey Crystal, glad to hear your baby's flipped! Must be a huge relief indeed :-) Hope the next few weeks go well and I'll be looking forward to hearing about the new baby's arrival!

Crystal said...

Thanks ladies...I am super pumped that she turned thus breaking my silence in blogger world. You know my age old saying if you have nothing nice to say. ;-)