Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What the hell were we thinking...

So it's time like this morning that I think to myself what the hell were we thinking with having a second child. The first one we just got into a routine, one where I can clean house and write emails...one that pretty much entertains herself and allows for me to get done the endless list of things that I have on my plate everyday. So what would two parents that are feeling the amazing effects of a 2 year old with a great routine do? Have a second child, one that will have no routine and will cause total and complete chaos for the next two years as this little pygmy did thus far. Ahhhh. Perfect! A Mom from Little Gym stopped me yesterday and pointed at my belly and said you know what if you had yourself a boy first you wouldn't be in that predicament spoken as a frazzled mom who at that very moment had to go over and check her son's neck after he did a forward hand spring off a mat onto the floor.

We have a friend that told me a while back how nice it was to see me out and about and looking amazing (right before I got pregnant again and turned back into a water buffalo) and not so run down. I must have looked like I needed her to elaborate some on the run down part because she then started in with the fact that while she was sure that children were amazing she was also sure that Austin was sucking the life from me and I was one step closer to the grave everyday. Now mind you that I don't remember being this tired or run down but apparently people were planning my eulogy and I didn't even realize it. And here we go again...back into a world of no sleep coupled with frustrations that naturally come from having an infant. After all Joe and I only truly started fighting when we had a baby, before that it was simple misunderstandings brought on by 80 proof concoctions of bad decisions on a Friday night. But now with Austin in the middle...someone that we would both dive in front of a moving train for...now that's fighting. That's the gloves are off and I take no prisoners kind of arguments because neither side is willing to give up. I think what we should do is add a second little person in the middle just in case there wasn't enough fuel before. ;-)

Here's my little routine girl drawing a picture for her current best friend Meowser. Playing quietly and peacefully by herself.


Anne said...

Well all those thoughts are totally normal of course, but even if it does take two years to find totally routine again, it'll fly by and you'll be watching your two baby girls having the time of their life together and you'll remember why!!

Still, I totally understand and have definitely had some of those thoughts before!

Laurasuz said...

I think the title of this post every parent has said, or at least thought.

You'll have your routine back soon. It'll just be interrupted for a tiny bit of time (in the grand scheme of things)so you can have a beautiful tiny perfect little girl! I can't wait to meet her!