Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So while underwear shopping the other day I noticed the tag. Mind you that the tag on underwear is so small that I am lucky I could make out the writing. But on this tiny insignificant tag I noticed the "L", you know for Lucky or perhaps Large but who's judging. And then next to the L was the number 7. Now I do consider myself a Large person, so it would indeed make sense that I would wear Large underwear but I have absolutely no preconceived notions that I am now or will ever be a size 7. In fact my "goal" size is an 8. Which would make my underwear "XL". What on God's green earth size of underwear did I used to wear 40-50 pounds ago. Maybe those enormous panties don't even get a tag with a number size ratio printed on them, more like size 16 equals BE for Big Enough, or TMF for Too Much Fabric or YKWSYA for You Know What Size You Are. To be honest I never looked at my old Mu Mu drawls to see and I have been cutting the tags out of my clothing for years, so no one knew that I wore these ginormous undergarments.


Kim in Istanbul said...

I know exactly what you mean! I think prime underwear market are elves and anorexic pixies, because even if you're just average (even on the small side of average!) you're a large. Mental. Loved the post! Funny stuff :-)

jlynn said...

lol... nerd.
I love you!