Monday, September 13, 2010


I ran in the Race for a Cure on Sunday at Garden of the Gods. While I was lined up waiting to take off I found myself looking around at everyone standing next to me and it finally hit me...I am a runner now. I remember the first couple of races this year and how out of place I felt, I looked on at the other "athletes" and thought to myself...someday. Well here I am running 5K's before breakfast and then racing home to host a football party. It also got me to thinking about the experiences that I have had this summer not just the races (although there has been a lot of those) but also starting up a new business, building out software and websites. Designing business logos, cards and baseball jerseys and it got me to thinking....if I could be called one thing as a Mom, girlfriend, friend, engineer, business owner and a women what would that be? Standing in my new running shoes on Sunday it become apparent that above all else I would like to be considered "capable". Have you ever been around someone that is doing something and you have no doubt in your mind that they will complete, whether it be painting a tall ceiling or riding a motorcycle off a jump, there is a different feeling that you get as an on-looker when you believe the person in front of you is capable of completing their task. Whereas you have the opposite feeling when you truly don't think they'll make it and your stomach is swirling just wishing that they would get off the ladder.

So here's to my daughter looking at me one day and thinking to mom's got this. :-)

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