Friday, August 27, 2010

The weekend...kind of.

So due to my HUGE project at work and Joe's amazing business neither of us have taken a weekend off in quite some time, but there is still something that makes me ecstatic about Fridays. I know in our current situation that Saturday and Sunday's are just the same as every other day but boy do I get excited.

I got to watch The Blindside this morning at the gym, what an amazing it. Makes me want to save the world one kid at a time, even more than I normally do.

I can't help but comment about the miners stuck in Chili, for those that don't obsess about the news like I do. 33 miners are stuck in a mine in Chili, they are alive and from what people can see thanks to a camera dropped down through an air vent this morning, in good spirits. The sad part about the story is that the new estimate for getting them out is by Christmas. WOW! Can we ship them a backhoe? Makes me thankful to be in a first world country where everyone with a shovel would dig my butt out of a mine if need be.

I get my haircut tomorrow. Haircuts are always AMAZING but since it has been almost 2 years since my last cut I am even more stoked. It's embarrassing to write that it has been that long but I have been super busy and it's super expensive. I have even tried to go to cheaper stylists in the past but am always disappointed. So I head back to Traci, she has been doing my hair for almost 12 years now...through computer school, numerous boyfriends, two home purchases and countless laughs.

Joe and I watched an interesting Penn & Teller last night, they do a show called Bull Shit! where they tear down common myths or theories and show why they aren't true or as they call it...Bull Shit. Last night it was about Stranger Danger and to sum it up how we are turning our children into little people that are scared of their own shadows. They interviewed a child psychologist that believes our common statement of "Stranger Danger" is making it so when children grow up they have a harder time having meaningful relationships or trusting people because they have been brought up to believe that you should be afraid of everyone. They broke down the statistics that show 150 children a year are captured by strangers whereas 95% of children that are molested or murdered are done so by someone they know. They went on to explain that we are killing off the natural explorer in kids and rather than embracing their curiosity we teach them that the world is scary and should be observed from a safe distance. Obviously I am a wuss and it will be immensely hard for me to just let Austin live her life but looking back on it perhaps I am such a wuss because my Mom was too. Just food for thought I guess.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting thoughts about Stranger Danger! I've read some similar things. I obviously can't judge anyone on these issues because I don't have any kids of my own right now, but I think I definitely grew up in a house with a bit too much of that fear that everyone else might be a psycho! Haha. It is sad though to encourage children to be afraid of everything.

Anne said...

Boy do I know what you mean about the lack of a weekend. Blah.