Monday, August 9, 2010

And the pictures...

Here we are waiting on the swim start.

I look so tired without eye makeup on.

Looking out over the swim start. Those buoys that see way out there mark the course.

The bike transition area.

Dinner after the race with the family, I literally felt like I was starving to death.

Me still smiling after bike portion, albeit a goofy smile.

My pit crew waiting for my biking portion.

Mounting my bike to ride off into the sun for next half a day or so.

Walking my bike out.

The bike transition all empty.

Me walking out of the water waving for my family.

My cousin Jenny-Poo or Jennifer as I am sure she would want to be called with Austin at dinner.

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kim said...

Congrats! That all looks amazingly hardcore. I am always massively impressed when I hear of someone actually doing a marathon or triathlon, etc. You must feel amazing now! :-)