Tuesday, August 24, 2010


By no means am I suggesting that I should be wearing a swimsuit, or that my body is "bathing suit" ready, but since we swim at the gym...I do have to put on one of those luxurious spandex get ups once a week. I do venture to say though that J and I have the two least flattering swimsuits I have ever seen on anyone, period. They are both tank-kinies, and J's has lost all of it's will to live, it is no longer stretchy or formfitting. So we tease that it's her negligee, I know we're teasing but it's not that far off. And while mine (due to the weight loss) doesn't hurt anymore to wear, does give me a front wedgie and muffin top...although the leg part is getting loose enough to require me to pull it down so as to not offend the other pool goers (other than J of course who is offending everyone with her lingerie). We truly look like dumb and dumber every Tuesday morning, ahhhh I can't wait until we have earned new suits. :-)

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jlynn said...

Ahahaha... hahaha... hahaha... Okay, now that I'm done laughing I'm going to agree that it is absolutely tragic how sad we look on Tuesdays. Yes, my nightie should be put to rest... getting a bit pathetic. You can always count on me to offend the other patrons first... I will always deflect your heat.