Thursday, August 26, 2010

You can never...

Obviously I was raised with brothers so this statement is slightly off however I stand behind it 100%.

You can never have too much money, too beautiful of a women or too fast of a car.

I LOVE cars, they speak to me and this latest Lexus is a true piece of engineering. While my number one pick will always be the McLaren F1 LM, there are only 5 on the planet so it may take me a while to get one. ;-)

Just take a look at these bad dogs...

First of course the almighty F1 LM, named such to commensurate the 5 cars McLaren placed in the top 15 at the 1995 Le mans. A few key points about the number one car in the can go 240 MPH and in order to purchase a McLaren you must fly to the factory and have it custom fit to you and your height/weight specifications...oh yeah and not to mention that every piece on the car is hand made. Not sure if you can tell from the picture...but the driver actually sits in the middle of the vehicle and the passengers sit on either side but in the "back seat". Just the way it should be, if I owned this car and someone even thought of touching one of my controls I'd dump them out on the freeway. It'll run you a cool million to start for a McLaren but it was always rumored that these LM's ran around 5 million. Who would I have to kill to drive off in this beast?!?!?!

But now the Lexus, doesn't it just stare at you...begging to driven. I have always said that a "true" sports car should NEVER have a stereo in it. If you're listening to music rather than the throaty sound of a V10 you don't deserve this a hybrid and drink your latte.


Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Want to hear something funny? You and Laura were next in line on my blog roll and I read this thinking I had clicked on Lo's post! I was sooo confused and thought, "What??? I've never heard Laura talk about cars!" LOL Now I'm going to go click over and see what I would have thought you said..

jlynn said...

I guess it's really no mystery why people are always say, "yeah, but you're practically a dude," to us. If we're talking about dream cars though,

1969 GTO Judge in hugger orange... gets me all tingly just thinking about it.