Monday, November 21, 2016

The weekend

November 19 - Romantic comedies...well and Joe's willingness to sit through them on occasion.  I know they are predictable and I like action just as much as the next person but we watched a RomCom the other night and laughed so hard and it seems as though they always have happy endings.  I like that.  I can read the news to get the truly terrible endings but at the end of a day I would like to watch a warm fuzzy movie.

November 20 - Summer's birthday, boy is it fun to raise kids with Tadd around.  We celebrated Summer's birthday on Sunday, I just can't get over how old we are now.  We are responsible for little people.  Crazy to think about!

The little birthday girl herself!  See how red my face is?!?!?!  Carrying around kids and hanging out in a pizza place is apparently too hot for Crystal.

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