Wednesday, November 9, 2016

30 days of Thanks.

I debated on skipping the 30 days of thanks today (since I am already late) and just starting it tomorrow when I am in a slightly better mood but then I thought what a better way to get in a better mood than to write out things that I am thankful for.

November 1 - A random head hunter completely made my day, and not necessarily because I'll get a job by knowing this person but rather talking to him on the phone actually made me feel valuable in my career path again.  I had been feeling down lately, in fact I actually went on an interview the other day for a job that I was woefully over qualified for and had 6, count them - 6 references that worked for the company and yet they decided to pass on pushing me through to a second interview.  It still makes me shake my head.

November 2 - My sister/friend/near soul mate J.  She has been going through some medical things lately both with herself and her father and with each instance it reminds how much friendship like any relationship takes a part of your heart and soul.

November 3 - My friend Kelley.  We have been friends for what seems like a lifetime and a blink of the eye at the same time, she is constantly gifting me some kind of clothing or something that she doesn't use anymore and with each item and each time I wear it I can't help but smile.

November 4 - Our home, I know that is may be cliche to say but I love our home.  With me still looking for a job and attempting to not drive myself crazy I pretty much clean the house top to bottom each day (I believe that being a person that likes control at least this is one thing that I can control right now), so everyday as I walk over vacuum lines I am reminded to just breath and remember that all of this could change in the blink of an eye.

November 5 - The TV Show The Voice, not only do I like to watch people sing (perhaps because I cannot hold a tune) but also because the kiddos will sit around on occasion with me and watch what we call "singing", even Jackson will dance and hum along to these people so openly and persistently pursuing their dreams.

November 6 -  Football Sundays - I love watching football and I love making game day food, both of these things make me very happy on Sundays.  Even Jackson will gobble up my wings with just some milk and stopping to let me know that they are "spidey".

November 7 - I am going to slip the right to vote in here because I have two others for the next two days (and Joe dropped our ballots off this day).  I watched several videos (all of which made me cry) about the long lines of people at Susan B Anthony's grave, all waiting to pay their respects to a woman who came before us and sacrificed so much for something that we all have now.

November 8 - I am thankful for Papa (or as most call him George) not only does he make my Mom happy but he loves the grand kids and all of us so much.  He's climbing an uphill battle right now but I hope he knows that if he gets tired we are all behind him to help out.

November 9 - Today I am thankful for Marmee (or Carole), she divides her time up between so many pieces of her life I can't imagine how she has any left for herself.  I know I speak for a large majority out there that is so grateful that she does, our kids and ourselves are better people for having her in our lives and having her spend time with us.

This little girl has been trying more and more foods lately, apparently this particular raspberry must have bitten her back. ;-)

We should all be so lucky to have a big brother loves us the  way this guy loves his sister.  He doesn't really understand anything about personal space but I don't think Hunter minds. :-D


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Anne said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you're doing your thankful posts! You're right it totally does help one's attitude, and your posts help remind me to make note of my blessings too!