Friday, November 18, 2016

Catching up...

November 12 - I am thankful for my Kitchen Aid mixer, Joe got me one for my birthday and I haven't let the thing take a break yet.  I am baking and mixing up a storm and having so much fun doing it.

November 13 - Football parties, boy have these things changed over the years.  We went over to Tadd's house on Sunday to watch the games and there were as many kiddos as adults there.  They are still just as fun as ever, but a completely different dynamic.

November 14 - Family game time, we actually ended up playing games after the football party on Sunday but I figured that I could use it as my thankful on Monday also.  I love that the girls are starting to get that there is an actual strategy to games.  And it also happens to be Carri's birthday so we ran flowers and a cupcake over to wish her Happy Birthday.

November 15 - Meeting up for lunches, my Mom, Carri and the kiddos and I all try and meet up once a week for lunch.  Lately we have been going to Jason's Deli because they have a fabulous salad bar.  I love getting the cousins together once a week like that even if it's short and we are always missing Austin.

November 16 - Naked Wines, I am part of a wine club that basically buys the entire batch of wine from the wine makers ahead of time so they can afford to make it as smaller wineries and then sells the wines to us in the club.  I have yet to have a bad bottle of wine and since I am not good enough at picking wines on my own this gives me a great sampling of a lot of different kinds.

November 17 - Snow, glorious snow!  We had our first snow storm last night and while it wasn't much an inch or so, it sure made everything beautiful this morning.  Of course it's supposed to warm up again this weekend so Winter won't be around too long, but we'll take what we can get.  And also Little Miss Summer's birthday is we ran over some balloons since the party isn't until this weekend but we wanted to see her on her birthday too.  Oh yeah and it was Grandparents day at Austin and Tyler's school so my Mom drove down and we all enjoyed a delicious (not even joking it really was good) turkey dinner at the school.

November 18 - Our backyard.  It is a magical place in every season, full of adventure and mystery. We just got back in from a "hike" around the yard and I loved watching the kids explore the snow.

Jackson must have had a bad dream so when he woke up crying Joe went in to get him so he wouldn't wake up the girls and he fell asleep on the couch with us.  Love sleeping babies!

The girls trying to learn some more strategy while playing Connect Four with Joe.

And then cooking with you see that even Jackson get a was a big day.

All to make this Jagger Schnitzel (basically fried pork) sandwich on my homemade buns.

Anne and Peter sent Jackson his birthday present early since their household is getting ready to expand...just look at the excitement in these pictures.

First trip out in the snow this year...kind of a puny snow storm but we'll take it.

The birthday girl and her balloons!

I know it's blurry but here's Hunter helping to cook too the other day.  She rocks her head back and forth when ever you ask her if she's got her chewy (which is what we call her pacifier).  Hence the blurry head.

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Anonymous said...

great post Crystal.... I loved the sleeping baby shot and I agree best pix in the world is a sleeping baby...see ya soon...Popa