Friday, November 11, 2016

And keeping up with the Thanks.

November 10 - I am thankful for my sense of humor. I had an interview with a company yesterday at 2PM, so when Joe got home a little bit early (thank you for that) I decided to head out and be about 20-25 minutes know what they say about those worms?  So as I am driving to the interview listening to music, feeling truly able to conquer the world.  I get a call from my recruiter that asked where I was because my interview actually started at 1PM and I was now 20 minutes late.  Shaking my head.  Turns out that they changed the schedule and I didn't get notified. :-(  So now I get to be super late and apologetic (even though my recruiter took the brunt of it over the phone, it wasn't his face that was sitting in the board room).  I thought about letting it get me down but instead I apologized and then laughed A LOT and made them laugh and honestly thought that I nailed the interview - until I went to bed last night, thought too much about it and looking back can't remember if I answered the technical questions right or not.  Dangit.  Nothing says hire me and pay me too much money like ignorance in your field. LOL

November 11 - My sick kiddos.  I am thankful not that my kiddos are sick but that they need me and I am here.  All four of them have a cold and when I got home from my interview yesterday I could hear the crying through the door, it would be an adjustment if I went into work everyday...I bet there would be times that the cloak of guilt would be nearly too heavy to stand under, but my career and my family need me.  And the things that the kiddos would learn from Joe would be amazing.  But for today - right now - this cold - I am here and able to kiss them and make them soup. ;-)

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