Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bunch of random nothings...

I have been drafting a blog in my mind for days, if not weeks now and can't seem to put enough together to make it "real" so instead of continuing to wait I have opted for the blurb like style.

We took 52 friends with us to Wolf Creek for Valentine's Day weekend, 4 days, 5 houses and gallons (literally gallons of Fireball whiskey).  What a fantastic trip?!?!?!  Hoss and his brother flew in, Helen flew in and her and I were able to gossip the whole way to the resort (a 4 hour drive) and the whole way home.  Not to mention my parents, and my brothers all came.  It was fantastic and if you ask my Mom I just got smarter with each sip of whiskey throughout the weekend. :-)  We even rented skis for the girls, Tyler will need therapy and managed to scream profusely through it but Austin LOVED it.

Getting all ready to take off down the slope.

This is what it looks like when you pack for that many people for four days.
Just look at those smiles...how could you not have fun with those ladies?

Meowser managed to catch a mouse the other day, to which I placed a heavy glass bowl over so the girls could watch it.  I had to walk off to check on work, told them both to not touch the glass bowl...minutes later I hear "Goose let the mouse go".  Whelp I guess that was his freedom pass.

I am not a very sentimental person, I try to be don't get me wrong.  But at the end of the day when we were evacuated from our house I was more concerned about taking the camera than the photos.  Obviously most everyone I talk to has issue with this, making sure to point out that I should keep Austin school work and such.  Again, I try...but it ends up in a pile of dust and then I throw it away.  The other day while in my "trying to sentimental attempts", I walked into my office to find Austin cutting up the very same Valentine's Day heart that she made me - complete with the little paint hand prints and everything...this one I was really going to try and keep I swear.  She looked up excitedly and exclaimed that she was making me a Kitty Meow Meow...problem solved, she whacked it up which now means that it is for sure trash.  Perfect.

Work has been keeping me busy, but not with actual work but rather with conference calls.  I spend a crazy amount of time on the phone, threatening the girls to be quiet.  Some days I will have three calls...which means at least a total of 3 hours where the house needs to be near silent.  In a corporate world I see families and especially children as a hindrance and a liability which is why my team doesn't know I have kids or am married...none of their business.  Let's face it, if my daughters need something at the same time as my boss needs something you know who wins...but you also know in this scenario that I can't let one another know who won.  So I run around like a crazy person with my finger to my mouth in an effort to keep everyone on their best behavior.  I only have to say the occasional "oh sorry I was talking into mute...meanwhile spanking my kids and running to the garage where I know it will be quiet....what were you saying?".

Hiro and Kuma are best friends which is super cute to watch.  I can't decide if Hiro needs to be by Kuma for safety and comfort or because he thinks he's the boss.

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Laurasuz said...

There is SO much stuff that comes home, most of ours ends up in the trash too!