Thursday, March 6, 2014



See that slightly pudgy clown standing in the corner with the sad face because her balls dropped?!?!  Yeah that's me.  I had a mandatory meeting this afternoon at the same time as I needed to get Austin to school.  So in my infinite reason I thought I could just be a little early to the conference call and a little late to Austin's school.  Took the call on the road and as I was getting out of my car to drop Austin off, I hung up the phone accidentally.  Guess who has two thumbs and didn't bring the call info with me?  At least it was only required by the legal department, not like it was important or anything.  I am still shaking my head.  I know most days I juggle too much but most days I manage to pull it off which I guess makes days like today a little harder to pick up from.

More meetings this afternoon, followed by trying to get the girls to Joe in time for me to make it to darts.  Mama's gonna need a beer.  Oh yeah and did I mention that I am attempting to not drink every single night.  I know give me a effin medal, but it is extremely hard for me in our lifestyle not to have a drink a night.  But I am sure somewhere it is bad for me, at least in my waist line it is.  Shoot this week alone I have made it two full days without drinking, of course not consecutively - let's not be crazy or anything. *Cheers*

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Laurasuz said...

Ugh! I'm just impressed they stay quiet in the car! Hope you had fun at darts!!