Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scoot over...

I always go in to check on the girls one last time before I go to bed (well and I walk in there to check on them every time I get up throughout the night too...I may be a little bit neurotic).  When I walked in there the other night this is what I saw.  I can't count the nights that Tadd and I used to make the other one scoot over and even though the girls share a room apparently sometimes life is just a bit better sharing a bed too.

And here's Dad's big boy...he adores Joe and has to snuggle with him or lay next to him all the time.  Here Kuma is getting his chest scratched, I just loved the amount of trust shown here...that dog would walk through fire for him.

Fun fact for the day, I can't eat cottage cheese with a spoon.  I would rather go without than use a spoon, it has to be a fork.  Put that one on the therapy list.


Anne said...

Love seeing your girls cuddled up together like that! Best friends!

Right now the three biggest are in one room at night and Charles and Monica are sharing the lower bunk. They love it! After six and half years of being in his own room, Charles is so happy to share a room at night.

And I definitely have preferences about spoon or fork for various foods. I prefer cottage cheese with a fork, but I don't know if I'd forego it or not if my only choice was a spoon.

Laurasuz said...

I knew a girl in college like that! I probably do it, I just don't notice.

The girls are soooo sweet sharing a bed! I remember Joe letting me one Halloween night sleep in his bed. I obviously loved it since I still remember it!