Monday, March 10, 2014

Simmer down Crystal

Well the tyrant was in full effect this weekend.  Tadd hosted a BBQ at his house in honor of his birthday, so my job was appetizers.  The girls and I loaded up and went to the store Sunday morning to get the supplies we needed.  Of course they picked out the cart with the car attachment that makes it impossible to maneuver, I start in with my usual keep hands feet and heads in the cart and to yourself speech and then head on over to the produce section.  Park the cart against the cooler and begin to pick out jalapenos.  I caught a glimpse of something and heard some rustling, so of course I assume it was one of the girls riffling through the veggies.  Without skipping a beat the feared King snapped under her breath something about knocking it off and keeping your hands to yourself.  Just then I actually turned my head and some poor old woman dropped her bags of produce.  Now I am apologizing and helping her regain her sense of going to the grocery store without being verbally attacked.  Perfect Crystal.

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Laurasuz said...

hahaha!! This is so something I would do! I feel your pain.