Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The nurse, a pit bull and death row.

Sounds like the start to a bad joke huh?

Nope more like what swirls around in my head on a daily basis.

The nurse - I jinxed myself the other day by saying that the girls have been remarkably well behaved as of late, they play nicely together and listen well.  And then...they got sick.  Currently they are on the downward side of being sick and finally starting to feel good enough for Austin to go back to school, but there for a week or so they were miserable, chewing each other's faces off.  And I suppose as the adult I had several options, I could have stepped in more but instead I just allowed them to turn the playroom into a MMA fighting ring and hope that I have one surviving heir.  Why you may ask...because I have less sympathy in my body than the water bottle I am staring at.  Sometimes I can squeak out some empathy but sympathy runs dry in these parts.  So when you are sick in my house you get 6 hours.  That's a good part of a day to lay around, moan and groan, talk snippy and overall be a pain.  But then you have to muster, you have to get up and take care of your life and all that it entails.  ***Sorry I just actually laughed out loud - because*** Joe keeps talking about getting his knee worked on and I remind him that he's got 6 hours when he gets home to work through it.  I think this frightens him enough to stall the surgery.  I find myself gazing out at our children with the snot running down their faces and just shaking my head, please for the love of all that is holy can you find a tissue and an attitude adjustment.  Therefore I think I would make a terrible nurse.

Pit bulls are a very heated topic nowadays.  There was a 1 year child bit yesterday here in Colorado by a pit bull type breed and the story on Facebook has prompted over 1,500 comments.  I can't remember anything else causing that kind of stir on my news-feed.  Both sides believe so wholeheartedly that they are correct that it is as if we were arguing religion or politics.  It's amazing to watch.  Although I must admit that I stay completely out of it, only because I know I own a breed of dog that can and I am sure has killed someone...I don't say that it's the owner not the breed or that if raised right no dog would ever do that.  I try and live with my eyes wide open and my jaws clenched.   Both Hiro and Kuma have growled once at one of the kids, my answer to this behavior (though I am sure Caesar Milan would argue), I beat um' all.  The kids, the offending dog, the dog sitting there minding it's own damn business.  Basically in my perfect world Mom is the scary one.  Is it better for a King to be feared or loved?  In the case of animals that someday can eat me, I would like to think that fear has a great deal to do with respect.

Death row - We had our first prisoner come up for execution here in Colorado since 1997, so the debate has been getting more press.  While I can argue it many different ways both for and against, I am not a supporter of the death penalty.  Currently we have a democratic Governor in Colorado so it never really came to having to execute this man, Hickenlooper pardoned him just as we all thought he would.  I suppose on some level it comes down to the morality of the crime in your mind.  Most people that I talk to have a personal algorithm as to what would qualify for the death penalty versus life in prison, and from what I have gathered none of these have ever matched.  Yet the judicial system in each state draft rules for what they would see fit, it's an odd way in my mind of taking something that very few people agree on and passing it down to the masses oh yeah and resulting in the death of a person at the end of it all.

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