Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Once a week Joe takes Kuma to work with him.  Let's be honest...this dog is going to be massive and we have been entrusted with the responsibility to make sure he stays social and doesn't become aggressive.  We both take that responsibility very seriously.  So one of his learning experiences is to go with Joe for the whole day...sometimes that is mostly at the shop, he goes to the bank, the car dealership for oil changes, the bar if Joe has time, just anywhere that Joe goes.  It's fantastic for Kuma and we will be rotating in Hiro when he gets better about house training.  So today Joe decided to take Kuma so I gave him a bath, trimmed his finger nails and brushed his teeth...of course since Hiro is here now I decided to throw him in the mix.  My Mom always used to say nothing builds relationships faster than a common enemy.

Bound by their mutual hate for me and the baths.

At some point Hiro decided that he HAD to get just a smidgen closer to Kuma.  It's hard to believe that these two are only 3 months apart.  I bet Kuma's body hurts growing that freaking fast.