Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Internet

Technology and specifically the Internet I feel get a bad name, as with anything certain instances can be used either in the wrong way or too much.  But as for me and this household we fully embrace the fact that we can FaceTime family members in Indiana, that I just watched baby Liam crawl in Istanbul, and that you can watch Lil' Bit swing for the first time.  The invention of vehicles both road worthy and airborne expanded the reaches of civilization.  No longer are you born in one city and raise your family there only to be buried next to the last three generations.  Families are spread out now and I adore the fact that technology has made it so family that lives so far away will still recognize my daughters when they walk in the door.  I hear quite often what a waste of time the Internet is which makes me wonder what these people are using it for, currently I am logged into work through the Internet, updating all of you with my ramblings, watching Joe's shop on the security cameras preparing for yet another beat down in the stock market.  I regularly research what ails the girls and have saved countless trips to the doctor.  And I get to read blogs that make it so my best friend doesn't seem that far away.  None of the above are a waste of time in my world.

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Anonymous said...

I can still see my father pushing us kids at Loose Park in KC...doing the exact same thing Joe is doing with the girls....and we were giggling away just like them....