Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Updates

Here's Austin planting the seeds that will become our garden this year. They have already sprouted and her and Tyler are ecstatic to see them.

Lil' Bit enjoying her goldfish while we planted the seeds. She absolutely must be included in everything.

Helen managed to get some tickets to the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship last night. Couple of things about this evening that I just have to mention. First off Baylor who ended up winning went undefeated all season which means they proved to have a 40-0 record, better than any other team including the men in the league. Second Brittney Griner is the center for Baylor and is single-handedly revolutionizing the game of women's basketball. She stands 6'8" and can dunk on command. Past her enormous size is her influence on the sport I love, when her name was announced as a Baylor starter the crowd roared. So not only did complete strangers stand behind a women's basketball athlete but there was a crowd to be had. The stands were full last night and we have that young woman to thank for it. Last but not least it is the 40th anniversary of Title IX (No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.) After last night's ceremony it became abundantly clear as to why I was chosen to have girls rather than boys. 40 years ago there was a stamp that college officials used on applications that said "Women Need Not Apply". Only 2% of all students in college were women and universities like Virginia denied 100% of the women applicants. To be standing in an arena surrounded by women, cheering for women who are being coached by women was truly inspirational. I think all too often society as a whole forgets where we came from and how much we have overcome to have 55% of college students be women or on a different scale, a black president. I shutter when I hear people mention that they would like to this country "return to its roots and the original founding fathers", for some of us times weren't that great. I cherish my right to vote and the fact that Verizon is required to pay me what my male counterparts make.

And to finish up my updates...Joe and I couldn't help ourselves when we spent the week up in Breckenridge with the Buche's. We rented the smallest set of skis available and decided to let Austin give skiing a try. I have to admit that this incident proved beyond a shadow of a doubt as to why kids need Dad's and Mom's. I sat at the bottom of the hill nervous and shaking while Joe carted her up to the top and pushed her down. She did fabulous and surely wouldn't have if I was standing next to her making her anxious.

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Anne said...

Sooooo-oh-ooo cute!! Look at her go!!! Love it!