Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poor Little Bit

While Little Bit may be the softie in the family she is definitely the most vocal when something is not going her way.  Like when she loses her pacifier, you would think she broke her arm.  So I suppose with that in mind I shouldn't have surprised me to know that for the last 5 days her and I haven't slept at all due to her breaking through some teeth.  I like to call them Skadeland fronts, my Mom's maiden name is Skadeland and we have some of the biggest Chic-Lit teeth I have ever seen.  I can see a total of 4 teeth that are busting through, two on the top and two on the bottom and just keep hoping that they will come in sooner than later so we can both sleep.

We had our first volleyball game last night and while we lost the game (best of 3) we won 1 match.  Which is still pretty awesome since we lost Nate and J we had to switch to a team of 4 rather than 6 and since Tadd can only play on Tuesday's we had to sign up for a much harder league.  Although 4's is a much better work out that's for sure, I had forgotten how much more of the court you have to cover.

We are always popping each other's backs at our house, I would like to think that it's because we live such active life styles that our muscles are sore but truth be told it's probably just because we're getting old.  I love this picture for some many reasons.  First, Austin's pants are on backwards...way to go Kris Kross.  Secondly Austin fully believes that Tyler is popping her back.  While lastly Tyler fully believes that she has finally won!

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Anne said...

Love your interpretation of the picture!!