Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updates for the DiFabio, Wells, Lahrman house.

Joe -

Let me just tell you real quick without too many details in order to ensure patient confidentiality why Joe will continue to be successful in his business.  First, it was brought to our attention that someone could have possibly gotten sick due to something in Joe's shop so without hesitation he had the shop and his products tested the next day (everything has come back with glowing reviews) but needless to say rather than waiting to hear that you have to, Joe takes the steps because he wants to.  Secondly, he had an older lady come in the other day visibly nervous and shaken up (picture me when I am in my 80's and never have used any form of marijuana) she couldn't even be in the shop and chose to stand outside with Joe and talk while crying about why she needs this but is so scared to try it.  Rather than make the situation worse Joe elected to go in two hours early tomorrow and meet with her and her husband to walk through everything she will need to know to hopefully feel better.

Me -

It is getting super nice here and making me foolishly want to plant my gardens, but I know better since Colorado weather is just tricking me.  Although I do have fun everyday doing yard work and playing with the girls outside.  I continue to lose my shorts in the stock market but have a blast doing so, I figure everyone is losing money right now so at least I am in good company.  My cousin was on Jeopardy and won three nights in a row, we had "Jeopardy Parties" every night and cheered him on.  It was extra fun to have Tadd around who always makes me laugh so hard.  He is even funnier now that he runs the car dealership...his stories are freaking hilarious.

Helen -

I hate giving away too much of her next conversation that she will have with each person reading this but she has been looking for an apartment so some time now and I believe is choosing to move into campus housing instead.  It keeps her close to us but gives her space and freedom from two little kids.  She also just met with the basketball coach at UCCS and thinks there could be a coaching position opening up.  We're stoked about being able to be around basketball in this house.  And she is joining our volleyball team starting next week. Yahoo!

Austin -

Oh this little apple of mine didn't fall far, her and I have our battles on a daily basis but just absolutely adore each other.  She helps with everything from dishes to laundry and everything in between.  She is a great big sister and feeds Tyler her breakfast every morning, even though that means I have get out a belt sander to get the oatmeal off her walker.  Yesterday a very naive Mom heard Tyler in their room making little noises but nothing from Austin, so I actually thought that Austin was taking a nap and that Tyler had lost her pacifier.  When I walked in and saw that Austin had an entire tube of A&D ointment on her, sister and the bedding/furniture in the room I was pretty shocked.  Two baths later and three loads of laundry the room stills smells of a hospital.  Silly Mom thinking that the kids were peacefully sleeping.

Tyler -

She pulls herself up on everything and hasn't tried a step in walking yet but I am sure it is right around the corner.  She is getting better at sign language probably because Austin will force her little hands into saying Thank you and More Please.  She eats anything and EVERYTHING that you put in front of her and usually the last one sitting at the table for meals.  She only gets corrected every now and then (probably because we are too busy chasing after Austin) but when you do scold her she immediately starts crying and you just feel awful while she sobs and shakes.  Definitely more of a softie than ol' Austin ever was, who still looks as if she is going to hit you if you correct her.  She hasn't yet but I am sure the day is coming, to which the punishment will be fitting.

Austin helping to steam clean the couch, which is always covered in yogurt thanks to her.

Did I mention that Austin and Tyler had just had baths yesterday right before the A&D incident?  Of course that would be the perfect time to cover each other in petroleum jelly.

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Anne said...

Oh my gosh - that last picture!!! I'll never get used to how much Tyler looks like Joe!!!

Love all the updates. Thank you!!!