Monday, April 9, 2012

Wow what a weekend.

We had such a busy weekend, it always seems like we should have a weekend to recover from the weekend. But we definitely did not waste anytime that's for sure.

J and Nate came down from Breckenridge and stayed with us the whole weekend. So J, Helen and I turned into Martha Stewart this weekend and made some of the cutest food I have ever seen.

Here's the fresh bread bunny dip bowl.

The deviled chics.

By the end of the beautiful day it was getting chilly so we wrapped Lil' Bit up and she was just too darn cute sitting on Helen's lap.

In order for Austin to hunt for eggs she had to wear bunny ears, I ended up wearing them most of the day when she was done.

Of course Tyler had to wear some ears too.

We went and watch Disney on Ice, I am pretty sure that I loved it much more than everyone else but I'll take it.

That is pretty much what Austin's face looked like for the whole Disney production, she was very worried that the skaters would come get her. I guess that was a side effect that I did not think about with the front row seats.

And this was Tyler's face the whole time, pretty much in awe.

My sister had her baby on Friday, welcome to the world Karson Lynn.


Anne said...

Oh my goodness - you're not kidding - you really did have quite the weekend!! I'm so jealous Helen gets to spend so much time with the girls. I think Monica would die if she got to see Disney on ice! Too fun!!

Anne said...

Oh and I forgot to say: I LOVE those food arrangements!! Adorable.