Thursday, July 21, 2011

Storage Wars

As Tadd likes to say I would rather find it than win it. No truer words have ever been said about a Wells. We are treasure hunters from way back when. Needless to say when I watched several episodes of Storage Wars I knew this was the place for us. I looked up a couple of upcoming auctions in our area and scheduled a date with Tadd and treasue. We were a little intimidated by the crowd since we were the newbies and all but when they stated that the auctions would be cash or credit cards it actually made us laugh. While I may have a small startup business charged across my credit cards...Tadd has the ability to buy Florida on his.

Armed with VISA and our two little helpers we went off into the wild blue yander. Tadd decided that we should set a limit between us on each storage unit before we started biding, I of course just wanted to win one and didn't really care about being sensible. After the day was all said and done we lost one storage unit to a homeless guy who out bid us and didn't find any treasure. Hopefully our next round goes smoother. :-)

The view of the extremely hot black top and the walking crowd of biders in front of us at our very first auction.

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