Saturday, July 16, 2011

Old Organics and Forklifts

Every year I grow vegetables in large pots so the dogs can't tear them up. So rather than having flowers to decorate my back porch we have vegetables and spices. This year Joe brought home some of the fertilizer that he uses at the shop called Old Organics...this stuff is insane, I am going to have to sell my zucchinis because I am pretty sure I will have 500 or so of those bad dogs.

Verizon is half union and half not, so when the union threatens to strike (like they do every year) the rest of Verizon gets affected. This strike though has become more serious and thus has made it so those of us non-union workers have been assigned to jobs that will still need to function while on strike. Guess who has two thumbs and was assigned to be a forklift driver in a warehouse in Boston. This guy! Fortunately my boss just put in for me to be excused from this assignment because of Tyler but I was getting ready to buy plane tickets for my Mom, Austin, Tyler and me to all head on out to Boston so I could work. Wouldn't that have been a fiasco? :-)

My spice pot, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

The crazy zucchinis and a small peek at the cucumbers.

The new dahlia's in the front yard.

The creeping clematis in the aspen grove.

The new solar lighting and pots of flowers in the front.


Anne said...

Your plants and yard look very happy!
I just heard about the Boston possibility. Glad you were able to avoid that!!

Josh said...

While trying to relocate your family for a job would have sucked, the thought of someone letting you loose in a warehouse with a forklift brings a HUGE smile to my face. :D

Laurasuz said...

It looks GREAT!!!

jlynn said...

Dude. You totally should have went. I mean how many times in your life are you going to offered a forklift?

Then you could be all, "Yeah, Joe remember when you wouldn't let me drive the Skid Steer well now I have a forklift. Snap."

Maybe you should just get a forklift, you know, for training purposes. Just in case you're ever called again. I'll help you get some miles on it. I've always wanted to drive a forklift.