Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ride Mommy...

Austin new favorite thing is to "ride Mommy"...due to our new amazing Kelty backpack. It is easier for me to justify the expense of a backpack to take Austin in rather than a double stroller since we already have three single strollers. So on days like today when I was up feeding Lil' Bit rather than at Spinning I can use the backpack as an additional workout in the afternoon too. Heck I figure I need to lose about what Austin weighs in baby weight anyway so this should help. :-)

Lil' Bit all buckled in and waiting for the rest of the caravan.

Here we are before we took off on our walk.

And here's after the walk...notice how I am sweating like Wesley Snipes on tax day?!?!? Make no assumptions that even Pygmies aren't hard to carry on your back in the summer heat.


Anonymous said...

This is a great post, thanks C....Murph

Laurasuz said...

A really cute post!

And I think Tyler looks EXACTLY like Joe's baby pictures.