Friday, March 25, 2011

Tadd's Birthday

Tadd's birthday is in March and while we don't really celebrate birthdays I always use his to do at least something. And while buying items for Tadd doesn't make much sense, considering Austin and I were shopping for a new watch with him the other day that was worth five times more than my first car, I do like to use the excuse to make some kind of memory. Most of the time he and I go and see a comedian we have seen Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Ron White and countless others in our years of birthdays. But for the last two years since the comedians have been slim pickin's we have watched basketball. This year we are heading back up to the Nuggets on Wednesday night, we have center court 4 rows back and they were not quite as expensive as the earlier mentioned watch. :-) Probably because him and I have played basketball all our lives together, but we just sit there in amazement as these giant men check into the game, we have seats right behind the statisticians bench so the players all check in right there. I guess you can't understand how big a 7'2" man is until you see them standing there. Watching a TV screen you would think the refs are all very small men/woman (yes there is one woman ref in the NBA) but they are at least as tall as I am and most are taller. But the players just dwarf them. I can't wait! I have always lived by the motto that life is about the memories you take with you since you can lose everything else (spoken as a true house fire survivor) this is no exception.


Anne said...

Sounds like a good time! Have fun!

Laurasuz said...

Fabulous! Have a great time! And happy birthday to Tadd!