Thursday, March 24, 2011

My new favorite website...

So I bought the movie "Waiting For Superman" and while I sat there crying watching how we are failing our children, I noticed a gift card for $25 to in the DVD box. Intrigued by this card I went on line and clicked through a truly mesmerizing website. On this site teachers make a project request for something that they need in their classrooms, the request comes with an invoice and exact product details of what they need along with a page dedicated to their classroom and a bio explaining why the materials are needed. I read through the need in Colorado Springs and was touched by one teacher who wanted life science supplies for her first grade classroom. Science was my favorite subject in school, at one point I was taking 4 sciences in one year and my lowest grade was a 104%, needless to say I had some drive. So the thought of being able to give first graders a small taste of my passion meant the world to me. She needed close to $600 to fund the entire year's curriculum in her class so I gave the $25 gift card and matched that with my own $25. Then 5 other donors got on and donated some money too and within two weeks her project was funded. Once a project is fully funded a representative from buys all the supplies and delivers them to the classroom. I didn't think much of it after I donated until I received this email yesterday from her...

Dear Crystal Wells,

It was such an unexpected surprise when I opened my email to find that my project had been funded! Since I have submitted it, we began studying living organisms and the students have been so excited! I purchased some meal worms from the pet store and they were a big hit. Little do they know that more living organisms are on the way!

They continually ask when it will be science time and that brings me the greatest feeling that I have somehow contributed to their interest in the world around them. Hopefully this curiosity will be the catalyst for their future contribution to the community in which they live.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for recognizing the importance of this project to the education of children and finding the funds to support it.
With gratitude,
Mrs. L.

What an amazing way to match people like me who are willing to give with people like this teacher who want to change children's lives. So today I had to go back on the site and donate again, this time to a literacy program that needs new books because lets face it we are a super power and the thought of children not being able to read here is disgraceful.

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Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Thanks for sharing! I loooove hearing about constructive charities like this! Will keep it in mind when I get a job! Thank you!