Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Quick Update

Wow, I can't believe February is already gone. I turned around and had to start writing 3/1/11 on did that happen?

Austin -

We'll do her first since she is by far the most fun. She is moments away from speaking in sentences, she can already put words together but just skips the helper words. The little spider monkey stopped my heart by jumping out of her crib yesterday. She was taking a nap and had woken up but I could just hear her in there playing so I was finishing up some work, when all of the sudden I heard a big thud and then crying and when I got in there she was standing next to her crib sobbing and saying "fall". At least she wasn't hurt but it still stopped my heart. I find it increasingly harder not to repeat her words back to her rather than correcting them with what the actual word is, some of them are so darn cute. Bummie = Sponge Bob, Mankie = Blanket, Meow = Cat, Wanna = Water and by far the word that is the furthest from the actual one is Ball-Sa which is her version of toothbrush. She enjoys closing doors but can't open them yet. We got her a little potty but she just plays with it so far, we haven't actually started the potty training process. She still eats anything we put in front of her and sees all spicy food as a challenge, one that must be met and exceeded. The other day she had eaten so much spicy food that her lips swelled up. Goof ball.

The business and Joe -

Joe has been enjoying an "Epic" year of snowboarding with more snow than anyone knows what to do with, I am hoping for these same results next year. :-) The business is doing great and he continues to be the leader in the industry and is known as being the go to person. We actually just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of being open on February 25Th. Hard to believe that one full year has come and gone.

Pregnancy -

Well I am into the third trimester without even realizing it. I still feel good although I am starting to waddle, my belly is definitely bigger this time and if I run up the stairs I start to wheeze. I went in on Tuesday for my diabetic screening and if how you feel is indicative of whether or not you failed, I failed that SOB with flying colors. For those of you that have not recently been pregnant, you spend 12 hours fasting and just when you think you can't take it anymore and are going to gnaw your arm off they give you a super sugary drink - for one moment you think to yourself thank the stars that I got something in my system but the spike in sugar makes you feel light headed and "funny". You then sit there for an hour all while the blood tech asks you every 10 minutes "how ya feeling?", and desperately wanting to tell him "like crap" but if you do you know that he will whisk you away in an ambulance because something most be going wrong. So instead you smile, nod and say never better. By the time they drew my blood I was shaking and had sweat running down my face. Let me put it this way if I passed that damn test and that was how I was supposed to be feeling, that is just torturous and mean. If I failed I have to do the same test over but this time with a 3 hour window rather than just one, I hope they have a cot for me to pass out on. I don't remember the test for Austin being that rough, perhaps I was still in denial and thinking that pregnancy was a weakness that I was going to overcome or maybe my body has changed that much is two years. Oh yeah and when he drew my blood apparently something went very wrong because I now have a 3"x5" bruise on my arm that Austin calls "messy" and attempts to scrub off with one of her wet wipes. At least the swelling went down but I am still stuck in long sleeves so child protective services doesn't yank Austin away from her heroin addicted mother.


Laurasuz said...

Love the WHOLE update! Thanks for taking the time to write one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great update(s)...can't wait to get out there. Please squeeze that little munchkin for, Murph (Poppa)