Monday, March 7, 2011

And the belly...

So here I was on Sunday, which is the start of my 30th week.

And here I was with Austin at 28 weeks, told you that belly was bigger. :-)
Oh yeah and just in case anyone was curious as to what my stupid arm looks like. I was very happy to hear today at my doctors appointment that I passed my glucose test and will not have to repeat it. Thank goodness I don't think my arm could handle anymore blood draws for a while.


Anne said...

Well, neither belly looks very big to me for being 10 weeks away from birth!!!! But how about your hair?! It looks gorgeous!! And so do you.

PS - I love seeing your house in the background. Reminds me of our visit.

laurasuz said...

Anne's first paragraph pretty much sums up exactly what I was going to say, including the hair!

In fact, I'm not even sure I believe you anymore in the fact that your having a baby. I'll believe it when I see her. And I love your hair!!

jlynn said...

Oh heroin... such an unsightly drug. Oh, wait, that was from getting blood drown? Yeah, me too. A black tar blood draw. :)

PS your hair does look great.