Monday, March 14, 2011

My weekend

So J and I "raced" in a 5K on Saturday. The day was beautiful and Austin had fun with Grandma and Uncle Dane while we "ran". Notice all the quotes every where. Turns out even walking was kicking my butt, we got passed at one point by a guy who bless his heart was limping and dragging his 85 year old leg behind him. Yep you read that right, a gimp passed us. To which we could just laugh. Of course J being the ever supportive friend didn't even give me the patronizing don't worry you're doing great speech but instead would go tit for tat with my complaints. You would have thought we were war vets if you had the patience to walk along side us and listen.

Got home and all hung out for a while before I had to start working. My evil workmates scheduled a maintenance window for me that started at midnight EST. So I powered up my laptop here at 9PM and started making my changes. Of course Murphy and her laws got all caught up in my business and managed to blow my maintenance window right out of the water. The next day I took a nap around 1ish in the afternoon for a couple hours and back up until midnight last night. My ever wonderful team must have missed my voice though because they paged me before 6 this morning too. I have to say that watching the terror in Japan and the fact that they are facing a nuclear disaster that will eventually melt their fish to the ocean floor makes me feel better that it is only Verizon's Customer Service reporting that is down when I have a bad day. Not sure how good everyone else is at math, but lets just say I have already put in over 40 hours for the week just this weekend. :-( And I can also tell ya that I can't remember ever pulling an all nighter where I wasn't at least a little drunk and as it stands now I can't even have more than one lousy cup of coffee a day. Like that can possibly touch the fatigue that I am feeling.

On a brighter note, I am sitting here watching my new fence go up. We are just replacing the whole backside for now since it had blown down and fencing is incredibly expensive, so we'll do it one side at a time. Luckily it is my main focal point from my office so it makes me very happy to have replaced it first. :-)

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jlynn said...

Of course I was going tit for tat my foot nearly fell off.. O.. F... F... Off!