Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Ends

Book ends of the week, Monday and Friday. While everyday is pretty tough to get up and going at 5am, the book ends of the week are by far the hardest. Today was no exception, I am pretty sure J and I had to bully each other into the gym but we made it.

Here are some highlights from this week.

1.) I jogged to the liquor store yesterday. I am not sure which part is more funny, jogging to get booze or pulling into a liquor with a baby stroller.

2.) Austin got her first bloody lip, she was crawling around like a baboon on our bed and cracked herself good on the headboard. I suppose Mom's never truly know the extent of love until something like this. While she was fine and only cried for a little bit, it still makes me tear up to think of the blood all over my neck while she rest her head on me. I am sure the both of us will spend some time crying as she learns to be the daredevil that her Dad will want her to be.

3.) Joe tossed my salad. J, I will give you a second to laugh being that you may be the only one that got that joke. I bought new socks and had them laid out on top the sock basket so I could grab a pair each morning before the crack of dawn and head to the gym. Well Joe decided that was far too easy for me so he apparently mixed them all up while digging, in what I assume was a feverish manner, for his own socks (which are all paired so I am not sure why this was a difficult feat). So this morning this Pig Pen of a morning mess wore dirty socks to the gym...yeah I said dirty socks. I will probably have some kind of menigitis now.

4.) I bought some running pants since it seems to be snowing for every single one of our races. They are both great pants but one is a Nike running pant that is actually labeled Long and still doesn't quite hit the top of my shoes. I know I am tall but I can guarantee that I am not THAT tall, I have played basketball with women that dwarf me. So where the hell do these women buy their clothing, or should I just assume that they make theirs? Maybe I should take sewing lessons from the failed Chinese gymnasts.

5.) I am feeling just simply amazing since working out so much. I told J that while part of me is still a hot mess, some of me is really starting to impress me. Every now and then I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think to myself by God this IS working. Which of course motivates me to keep it up...I wish I could get these glimpses at 5am, that would help immensely.


jlynn said...


I have been getting more chuckles today than I have for the entire rest of the week... tossed salad. I may never stop laughing. I'm hoping the laughs just keep on coming. It's making the day go by much, much faster.


LauraSuz said...

Ha. I like the book ends thing. It sounds like something you'd say.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I think it's Joe's job to toss your salad every once in awhile.........just make sure noone's watching or stealing his know it's a rather personal thing...and why are you chatting about it openly?
Oh yeah, make sure he doesn't bruise your tomatoes when he does it