Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue People

So we bought Avatar last night and our Blu Ray Player wouldn't play it. I did some research and it turns out that I have to upgrade the firmware (software) on the DVD player just to get it to read the DVD because of how much information is on the disc. Needless to say while Joe is rather annoyed that I didn't get the upgrade done until today, I am wicked excited...these blue people must look amazing if they require us to upgrade our player.

I am watching the snow fall fast and hard and thinking to myself boy what great weather for a run. J and I have our second race tomorrow and the weather is apparently going to challenge our new running hobby. Our first race was last weekend and it was raining and now snow...I still think we've got it and are totally going to kick it's butt. It's this optimism that I hope will drag us over the finish line.

Ok so now I am turning my attention to everyone reading this that has to come up with dinner every night. This could be the stay at home mom's, the single folks or the ones that work too much but still cook every night. While I have always done a majority of the cooking (because I LOVE it) Joe used to help out on occasion. Now with his work schedule I do all the cooking. I am not complaining about the cooking part but coming up with meals that are healthy (we're still on a diet) and unique AND different is harder than I expected. I totally see why we used to eat meatloaf and spaghetti once a week growing up. I am just throwing a series of compliments out to those that come up with dinner every night...I have all new respect for this talent. :-)


Josh said...

Clearly, you need to spend more time being a hardware geek. I usually run every update on my blu-ray player as it comes out, so that I don't find myself unable to watch a movie in that situation. :)

Also, I'm sure you guys will kick the run's ass tomorrow, rain OR snow. Sorry I can't join in the fun, but let me know when the next one is. Have fun!

Crystal said...

I hide my geekdom so well that sometimes I forget I are one. :-)

LauraSuz said...

I'm very bad at the meals, especially different ways to prepare chicken.

I love this blog - She's really organized, mostly healthy, and the meals are easy to get to the table. I hope you like looking at it.

Anne said...

Ugh - I am in the same cooking boat as you right now. Completely uninspired. I did just discover thin cut chicken breast which pan fry really quickly and make some yummy sandwiches. But mostly we eat the same thing over and over again.

Crystal said...

I am glad other people have issues coming up with dinner plans. I always say to myself that it wouldn't be so hard if we weren't dieting...but it would be, it would just be a different kind of hard.