Thursday, April 29, 2010

Julie & Julia!

So I watch the movie Julie & Julia the other day about Julia Child. First off it was a super cute movie and secondly it got me to thinking I hate cooking from a recipe, perhaps I don't like to follow instructions that well. That coupled with the fact that I can't seem to come up with inventive ideas for dinner made me think that I should buy Julia Child's cookbook and learn some of her recipes. And while I don't want to cook french cousine every night, or scratch that, I can't cook fattening, butter filled food every night. I would like to try maybe a recipe a week. So last night I made (I'll skip the french words) Sauteed Beef with mushrooms, garlic and bacon. It was AMAZING and good thing too because it took a while and cost me a 100 brain cells from reading and following all the instructions. Hopefully they were the stupid brain cells anyways.


jlynn said...

Weak buffalo.

LauraSuz said...

I bet that was fun. Happy cooking!