Friday, May 1, 2015

Work...still a four letter word.

Verizon is preparing again for a potential Union strike, which means that those of us within Verizon that are not Union will be filling in where needed.  Apparently my "need" is in Pittsburgh, PA as a collections agent.  If the strike goes into affect on August 1st that will be my new job, on the phones for 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  I am hoping that Joe can figure out his work and drag himself and the kiddos out there because the thought of being that far away from my family for an undisclosed amount of time truly feels like too much.  Although I guess it's still better than allowing the family to be homeless and starve.

While searching for hotels in the Pittsburgh area yesterday I was told about some layoffs coming up next month.  Needless to say between these things and my new job being FAR different than my old one, morale is pretty low now on the work front.  As I sit and stare at my three children who need my income and benefits I am reminded that I can't just quit...but boy is it hard not to.

I forgot to post some of these and then I also finally cleaned up my phone enough to be able to take some new pictures.

Here's Jackson and Papa watching out the window in Breckenridge.

While Kelley and I march off to the slopes.

The kids were just all sick and poor Goose couldn't sleep at night so the next morning after getting ready to go pick up her sister at school this is what I walked into my office to see.

So I woke her up and she went and got her blanket "Mr. Stinky" and proceeded to fall back asleep on the chair.

Jackson and I were sending a smile to Dad while he worked.

There is a Momma deer and her three babies that have been hanging around our house this year.

And on the way home last night we saw a fox and her four babies, we must have sat there for ten minutes watching those cuties play.

These two.  When they aren't trying to kill each other they get along marvelously. :-)

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Anne said...

I am thinking of you so often and hoping all this crappy work stuffs fixes itself soon! Like preferably before it causes you to live in a hotel. Thank you thank you thank you for all those absolutely precious pictures. I miss those little people so much and wish we could come visit you all once a month!!! Tyler looks so big!! And Jackson's smile! And the girls sleeping together. I love it all.