Monday, May 18, 2015

Real Life Grownups.

I saw Joe Rogan do a stand up where he spoke about "real life grownups".  I remember thinking to myself (at the rip old age of 25 when I watched him) "Yeah Totally Dude!"  BUT....Yeah totally dude.

Seriously I cannot believe that I am a full fledged grownup.  I have a will, investment portfolio AND three flippin' kids.  Sometime in my Bud-Light twenties I grew up...I am not sure who decided that I was ready to have the world on my shoulders but they sure assigned it.  Just baffles me most days.

This could be the reason that I am feeling so old these days - here's our big girl after losing her first tooth.

Look at how small that little tooth is.

And it's been raining here so much that we have frogs in our back yard, which Joe managed to catch for the girls and it just so happens that they are a male and female so now the whole terrarium is full of frog eggs. :-)

Also, I managed to find the Joe Rogan clip about being a real grownup...definitely not suitable around kids due to language but super funny if you find time.

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