Friday, May 29, 2015

Picture Dump

There was someone at Nate's work getting rid of a pool table, what a fun addition to the basement.  Although I don't think any of us realized how hard these things were to setup.  Originally Nate and Joe tried themselves but then turned to a pro that Joe happened to know.

Here it is without the rails installed.

We have a six year old now, she asked her Dad for a gun for her birthday.  Those reading this can guess my answer but this time I lost.  At least this way Joe can teach them all about the safety part. 

That's Austin's shot in the upper left hand corner.

Little Goose is still too small to really even hold it but she sure wanted to be included.

There's her best shot, nearly hitting the target.

We met my Mom for lunch on Austin's birthday at Haceinda Colorado - Awesome Mexican food.

And then kindergarten graduation/promotion this morning.  This little ham ball just loves smiling now.

Austin is in the back row singing the songs to us.

Jackson was nearing nap time but trying to stay strong to watch his big sister.

Gram and Tyler were too engrossed in the program to look at me.

Do you see how his little arms are blurry all the time...we've got ourselves another wiggler. :-)

Introducing our new 1st grader and Pre-Schooler!

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