Thursday, May 14, 2015

Change of attitude...

I have been grouchy lately...just ask the poor saps that live with me.  I went from being top dog at my work to being one person on a team that doesn't do what I am good at.  There is a huge learning curve and lets be honest if layoffs come I am the first to go, that coupled with my strike assignment has made it hard to see the goodness that my job offers.  And then...since I needed a reminder...while stuck on another friggin' conference call, Jackson started to cry in the next room.  The call was over in 10 LONG minutes of listening to him cry and which point I walked into my son's room and nursed him.  Hmmm.  To be making enough to support our family and still be able to walk one room over (albeit not instantly) when our kids need me is truly spectacular.  My new found attitude has made it much easier to just smile.

This was our drive home the Saturday night before Mother's Day.  Yep that's a ton of snow...gotta love Colorado weather.

This little guy requested a teething ring from Gram so he had something to chew on.

Because as you can see from this selfie...the drool baby is definitely teething.

Reminder number two why my job is still awesome...the kiddos and I went to Austin's school to watch her Healthy Assembly Musical at 9AM on a Tuesday morning.

And last but certainly not least...I was asked the other day at one of our parties why we send our kids to public school rather than private or charter schools.  These pictures below were taken at The Special Olympics...Austin has a little girl in her class that has Down Syndrome and was competing yesterday in the games.  She invited Austin to come and cheer her on while she competed, so Austin got to ride the school bus with her down to the fields, pack a sack lunch and hang out all day.  These were all huge "firsts" for Austin who was somewhat taken back by the lack of seat belts in the school bus.  Me and the other kiddos drove down after lunch so Goose and Jackson could see what it was all about and pick her up.  I think the part to me that means so much is when you ask Austin what is different about her friend in class she says that she is shorter than Austin and is 6 rather than 5....that's it, that's all she sees and God willing and the creek don't rise we can keep her that way.

Jackson was really into watching what everyone else was doing, so much so that I don't think he even wanted out of his car seat. ;-)

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