Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to me...

Happy Mother's Day to me, with a bit of buyers remorse we finally bit the bullet (thanks to the dishwasher breaking) and ordered new appliances for the house.  They look and cook amazing!

Kuma thinks I am taking a picture of him...but alas no big boy, it's of the old refrigerator.

Joe cutting away part of the cabinet so the new ovens will fit.

The new dishwasher after the old one broke down.

 See that big beast...I have coveted double ovens for most of my adult life.

And if you were wondering "yes it truly is THAT heavy", as you can tell by the way it sliced and diced my hands up.

By now it was forgiven.

What kitchen would be complete without a gas cook top.

Even though the metal is shiny and everything looks awesome, the real hero is Joe.  Every single thing needed a significant amount of modifying or installing (like running gas lines).  Other than lifting heavy stuff, I am not much help...but he sure is a wizard when it comes to "remodeling" things like this.

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Laurasuz said...

What a great Mother's Day gift!! Joe is so talented in many areas but he's especially good at this stuff! Happy Cooking!!