Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Proud moment...

I totally forgot to post about the proud moment that we had as parents.  So Austin was officially accepted into school on Monday with a start day of Tuesday, didn't give us much time but Joe and I wanted to make it extra special for her.  We were planning a fancy lunch out and then a shopping trip.  Well I got paged from my new team (I'll get into that in a minute) so I had to head home with the girls but we agreed to go back out for the shopping trip.  You know, new clothes, back pack...the whole nine.  When we told Austin about this idea, she looked at us like we were from outer space.  Shrugged her shoulders and said "Well I already have clothes, so why would I need more?"  And then Joe followed up with, yeah but let's get you a back pack and stuff?  She shrugged again and said I have a couple back packs in the playroom, I can just use one of those.  She ran off playing with her sister and didn't think a second mind to it.  Joe and I both agreed this is exactly what we would have wanted to teach her and if we pushed it this time we would end up being the parents that have to throw the elaborate sweet sixteen parties in the future.  It made us pretty proud in the midst of the turmoil that was yesterday.

My new team - We got reorganized at work, which happens a lot.  I was originally moved from one director to another but kept the same boss.  And then was moved again last week from my boss, who I have worked with/trained for seven years.  She knows pretty much nothing of what I do but can assign anything to me and I get it done.  She was there when I was pregnant, knows that I work from home (though I am not "supposed" to), knows that I have two little girls at home with me at all times.  And completely leaves me alone other than the yearly review where she praises me for being amazing.  That's my kind of boss.  Well I got transferred to a guy that I used to work with years ago and in the first day I was involved in several calls that lasted hours while I threatened the girls, dogs and fish to be quiet.  When we went to get off the phone his last words were, Crystal we are super excited to work with you again and look forward to hearing your voice everyday.  Blink...blink...blink.  You guys talk on the phone everyday?!?!?!  Hmmm, a little different than my old boss that I NEVER spoke to.  My world became slightly more stressful.  And then three days into working for said team, I was approached about upcoming layoffs and asked if I wanted to volunteer or roll the dice to see if I get picked.  I have never been exempt from layoffs, but I also knew that my boss had my back...which is why I was safe for so long.  It was the first time that I actually debated on taking the layoff package and just being done with it, but instead with a giant smile I told them no thank you.  Now when I moved teams, like I said my boss knows nothing of what I do...which is kept her servers, databases and websites up and what did I do?  I took ownership of all of those items to my new team and am now getting the...and lets not sugar coat this, because I was transferred to a team of people that do exactly what I do...shit jobs from the new team too.  My work load will be at least double, I haven't left the house since I was transferred without being paged asking where I am and if I can hurry back, my pay stays the same and last but certainly not least I am now the low man on the totem pole to be laid off.  Again...sigh.

We had a tropical vacation in the planning stages for just after Thanksgiving and then of course Indiana for Christmas.  All of which have been canceled since I may or may not be job hunting. :-(  What a bummer.


Daniel Smith said...

If the looneys do fire a person like you I have no doubt someone a lot wiser will pick you out of a crowd in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

You have the perfect title for this post, "Proud Moment" says it all -- Congrats Mom and Dad!!