Friday, October 4, 2013

Dog Show

Oh my word...we went to an Akita Nationals dog show yesterday to meet with the breeder that we are getting the puppies from.  The girls, my Mom and I walked in surrounded by the most beautiful dogs you have ever seen and simply could not wipe the smile off our faces.  Here are some pictures from the day...oh yeah and then we ate lunch at the aquarium, what a fantastic day.

Here's the generation class, which means you have to have the Grandma dog, Mom/Dad and then child dog.

We took the opportunity on a very nice warm day (before the snow came today) to wear our princess dresses.

So my Mom looked at this picture and said "Goose you closed your eyes".

And then "Girls, both of you closed your eyes...keep them open for the picture."

Now they're open but they both look very surprised.

And I just have to love Goose and all her personality.

Here's one of the big males from Black Forest Akitas.

Isn't he just stunning?!?!?

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Anne said...

He is beautiful!! Oh man! You're going to make me want a dog in addition to a cat!!!